Oct 242010

  I tried to get this guy as finished as possible to shoot up zombies in the recent Zombie fest held for the group.  This is the Forgeworld Inquisitor Hector Rex.  His left arm has been replaced with a psycannon from a Grey Knight terminator.

I painted the armor to be sort of that antique ivory color of many of the statues you’d see in a catholic cathedral.  He’s also basically an old and weathered man himself.

He stands on old runes of a shrine.  You can see the colors of an image of an inquisitor.  It was created with the tied and true cork board base painted with a transfer laid on top and some inking.


He served well in the 125 point zombie fight.  I ran a fluff squad based losely on the first Grey Knights novel.  He acted as Inquisitor Valinov with three Balurian guardsman and Cardinal Recoba acting as a Sage in the retinue.  Story and background fluff below along with my list below after the break….


Much of the history on Valinov comes from source material on lexicanum.com
Rogue Inquisitor and Retinue (5#, 125 pts)
   1 Inquisitor Valinov – Prophet of Garggartuloth @ 125 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Terminator Armour; Power Weapon x1; Psycannon; Independent Character; Psyker)
      1 Cardinal Recoba (Sage) (Unit Type: Infantry; Close Combat Weapon; Laspistol; Sage)
      1 Balurian Veteran Guardsman (Warrior) (Veteran Guardsman; Unit Type: Infantry; Frag