What else can be done for bikini in bikini surgery within a month of the official start of summer? running can be a good option because it manages to burn a large percentage of unwanted calories as you can take advantage of external contact. During the race, the main muscle groups work, which strongly activates the muscles of the lower body and abdomen, which increases the burning of stored fat and reduces the diameter of the abdomen and waist, ”says Roberto Crespo, instructor.

In fact, running is the second activity that consumes the most energy only after cross-country skiing. The trainer emphasizes that “as a starting point, a realistic training plan should be developed based on the months available for training. People without running experience should gradually increase the intensity of their workouts without straining the body to reduce the risk of injury, ”explains Crespo.

The instructor adds: “To achieve this, you must understand that keeping motivated is key. While it is easy to motivate in the beginning, the urge to exercise can be lost if the goals are not clear or the results are not being observed. ”

To avoid this, one of the key tips is to run with another person. Sharing efforts and accomplishments with a partner and adding some healthy competitiveness to training increases motivation and encourages continued exercise.

Can everyone run?

As the expert explained, you need to learn how to run, because while it may seem trivial, it is not innate. “If you don’t know how to run, you increase your risk of injury. In turn, learning optimal running improves exercise performance, increases calorie burn, and reduces fatigue in runners. With the help of a professional, especially in the early days of training, you can review and improve your running technique. Although in many cases runners with poor race technique can achieve very good results and cover long distances, this is not the best for our health, ”Crespo defends.

Tips to make your race as efficient as possible

  • Run First in the Morning: While the benefits of running are great at any time of the day, running in the morning first thing in the morning has been shown to burn more fat. For this reason, this will be the recommended time frame for anyone looking for weight loss. Regardless, if this schedule is in violation, it is best to adapt the sport to each individual’s lifestyle to avoid abandonment.
  • Warm up properly: in your training plan, you should always include a few minutes of warm-up. During the warm-up, the body moves from a half-life to the development of physical activity, preparing the cardiorespiratory and skeletal systems for subsequent training. One form of warm-up can be a 10-minute run and some mobility exercises to help the joints adapt to the exercise.
  • Eat Two Hours Before Workout: On a nutritional level, the experts’ top recommendation is to avoid jogging immediately after eating, wait an hour and a half and two hours to workout. This is because the intensity of the race restricts blood flow to the digestive system and can cause discomfort during digestion.

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